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Hello friends! My name is Evan and I'm a junior Theology and Religious Studies and Interdisciplinary Arts w/ an Emphasis in Music double major from Salem, Oregon. This blog will be used as a personal journal of sorts to show you my life in beautiful Seattle, Washington and beyond. Feel free to explore my blog and ask any questions!

Hello friends! Here’s a quick update:

Whoever said summer was the time to do nothing was wrong! It’s been busy over at my house. My sister’s getting married in a few weeks so there’s been heavy planning going on with no minutes to spare.

I was up in Seattle a few weeks ago visiting my friend Caroline and while it was a good time to relax in the city, there was still a lot I had to do. I’ve finally seen my apartment next year and I can already tell next year is going to be great.

I took a ton of pictures while I was abroad so be sure to check for pictures of merry ol’ England soon!

Hello friends! I know I’ve been AWOL lately but I have lots to share!

I recently celebrated my 21st birthday in June! I was home in Oregon so my family and I went out for a fancy dinner at the Portland City Grill. The restaurant is on the top floor of the building and has a fantastic view of the city. The food was amazing and the first picture above is the cake they brought out. It was so rich and delicious. It was a fantastic birthday!

The second picture is a skyline view of Seattle. I was on my way up to Seattle for a bit and as we drove in the city, I snapped this pretty picture. Thought you all would enjoy it.

Did I mention that I’m abroad? The reason I was in Seattle was because I had a direct flight out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to London Heathrow! After 8.5 hours, in-flight dinner, in-flight breakfast, and no sleep, I landed in beautiful London! London is 8 hours ahead of Seattle so I was jet-lagged! 

However, it was all worth it. The first few days, I walked around and saw what everybody sees when they’re in London. Big Ben, Westminster Abbey in the last photo on the bottom right, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is in the third picture on the bottom right. I also went on the London Eye (the ferris wheel) and got an amazing shot of Big Ben and parliament. 

Turns out, Big Ben is not actually the clock like everyone thinks. It’s the bell inside the tower. Nice fun fact for today.

I’m having a great time here. I’m tired but it’s pretty great here.

Till next time, cheerio!

One of the things I feel like I never get the chance to do but secretly love is go to baseball games. Gotta love the Mariners!

Hello friends!

I have to say, spring has most definitely sprung because it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL up here in Seattle! 

The new spring quarter has been treating me well. I’m really enjoying my classes, I’m finishing up a few job applications for next year, I’ve finally figured out housing for next year, and I’m just wrapping up some logistics for study abroad this summer.

Which brings me to my next big news: I’m going to London, England this summer!!! No worries, I will definitely be documenting my journey while I’m over there so you guys can see what I’m up to.

This weekend was wonderful. The picture on the top is just to show off how beautiful Seattle has been. That’s also me with my friends Emily on the left and Maria on the right. Emily is one of the Orientation Advisors for next year, (she was also an OA last year) and Maria is one of the Orientation Coordinators. If you’re up here, maybe you’ll bump into them!

The bottom is a picture of me at Pike Place Market. My friend, Caroline took the picture. I know, I know, it’s hard to picture Pike Place so sunny!

Have a happy week, everyone!

The beautiful spring sunshine really lights up the Chapel of St. Ignatius!

What a beautiful view on the Oregon Coast! Gotta love Spring Break.

Hello all!

It’s nearing the end of the quarter and it’s getting to that point where all my small assignments are turning into big projects, papers, and presentations.

I’m actually pretty excited about a few of my projects. I’m not much of a science person but progress on my geology project has me pretty happy!

In other news, admission decisions have been mailed out! Wishing you all luck! Be sure to post your favorite picture to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr and hashtag #seattleupride!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to update with a video from last week’s event, Battle of the Bands. 

This is a video of Sarah and the Scallywags performing a cover of Beyonce’s, “Love on Top.” It’s not the best quality, but hey, they’re an amazing band!

Shoutout to Ian Carrick on the mandolin for Sarah and the Scallywags!!

Hello everyone! Hope I find you well.

Last Friday was Battle of the Bands! Battle of the Bands is pretty self-explainatory—bands play and compete with each other and the winner gets to play at Quadstock. Quadstock is Seattle U’s annual music festival that happens every Spring.

The bands this year were fantastic! Paul Fitzgerald & the Dads Next Door, Albatross, Sarah and the Scallywags, (pictured above) and COHO all played this year.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day yesterday, (or Galentine’s for some of you.)

I was running around the neighborhood yesterday trying to buy food for dinner, flowers, desserts, the works. Luckily, I only had one class in the morning so I was able to get everything I needed done.

My boyfriend, Michael and I had dinner in. I prepared some chicken, green beans, (which he loves, incidentally) and a strawberry balsamic salad with just some good vanilla ice cream for dessert. I’m not much of a cook but I was so happy when it came out perfectly!

He also took me out to see, “The Lego Movie,” which I’ve been wanting to see for a while. It was pretty good.

Hope y’all had a great day!

Who’d a thunk? Seattle got some snow last Saturday!

It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day in Seattle! Little chilly, but beautiful nonetheless!

The Seahawks won the Superbowl last night, you know, no big deal except VERY BIG DEAL. People were out dancing, singing, having a great time.

This picture is one I snapped today as I left the library. Finished all my homework for the day!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and find yourself refreshed and ready for 2014!

I spent the New Year visiting my boyfriend, Michael (in the lower right) in California. These are a few pictures we took at the Golden Gate Bridge when we visited San Francisco on one of the days I was there. I had such a good time.

I’m currently back in Seattle and ready to get the new quarter started!

Hello everyone! I’m enjoying being back in Oregon and seeing family and friends. Life is good.

The picture above is of our Christmas tree that I took a while ago.

I hope all of your holidays are going well. 

Despite it being Dead Week, the week right before Finals, I’m really excited. The university put on it’s 4th annual Christmas Tree Lighting where many students, staff, and alumni come together for music, cookies, and hot chocolate. We had a couple musical guests and at the end, lit up the tree!

Winter break is right around the corner and I’m so excited to see everyone back home. Wishing you all a Happy Holidays!